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About me!

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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Sara and I was born in 1964. I live in Lugano where I work as an accountant. My passion is the order and to follow my dream I became a Professional Organizer.

I have always been a passionate organizer, and a few years ago I understood that it could be a real talent.
I was an organised and tidy child and these attitudes grown with me. They positively influenced my lifestyle and sometime the people who lived with me.

"I thought it was just my being but, a few years ago, when I read a magazine that talked about the PO (a job fully recognised all over the world that required the organisation as talent) I understood that I was special, because I had this aptitude (that only a small part of the population have) and I decided to start a training that teach me to develop this quality… and here I am."

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My passion becomes more and more important and to be a Professional Organizer gives me new incentives every day.

I have the opportunity to meet new people, to know new things, to have new ideas, but above all it permits me to help people to feel better.

How can I manage all my commitments? My organised lifestyle allows me to find time to travel, to listen to music, to visit museum, to do sport, to spend time with my friends, .. everything that makes me happy!


My philosophy

Ask yourself

“it makes me happy?”
Distinguish the essential from the superfluous and keep only what you
need, you use and love!

"Tidyng up" means creating and efficient lifestyle with things that make you feel good and that excite you.

“Tidying up” means creating an efficient lifestyle with things that make you feel good and that excite you. I decided to write a blog and start this adventure to share my skills with others people.
Organization is my "special power" and I am extremely happy to share it with you by giving you advice about how to manage your time and spaces to be able to reach a satisfying life.

I hope you would like to follow me and I look forward to seeing you on my website, my Facebook pages and Instagram.
Soon you can watch my video on YouTube.

See you soon!


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