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Wardrobe organization: hang or fold!

Updated: May 26, 2021

Hang or fold this is the dilemma!

General rule says that it would be better to hang delicate clothes (silk, shirts, trousers and skirts) and fold all the rest.

But if the space is not enough?

  • Use multiple hangers, so you can hang more clothes in less space. But be careful because maybe your wardrobe is not enough hight.

Organizzazione armadio: appendere o piegare?

  • You can roll up your jeans and leggings (so you can use boxes or drawers).

Organizzazione armadio: appendere o piegare?

  • Of course you can also put scarfs, foulard and belts in boxes. I prefer to hang the delicate foulards and scarfs ( I use the wardrobe doors).

Organizzazione armadio: appendere o piegare?

  • If your clothes are delicate but heavy, it is not a good idea to hang them, because they can change their shape, in this case you can hold them with an issue paper (as in the shop) it helps don’t ruin the clothes.

If you don’t have enough drawers or shelves:

  • You can use the Kondo method: fold in vertical way. There are two benefits, you will save space and you can easily find what you are looking for. If you don't have drawers you can use boxes (befor to buy some new boxes, be sure that you don't have some old ones at home).

Organizzazione armadio: appendere o piegare?

  • You can also find some other easy solutions: if you need some help, have a look at my article “10 useful accessories to organise your wardrobe”.

  • Use the drawers for all the clothes that you use every days (for example the underwear) and the boxes for the season clothes (for the example your bikinis), it will help you when the seasons change ( you have only to move the boxes 😉 .

Organizzazione armadio: appendere o piegare?

If you like, please leave me a comment and let me know how you organise your wardrobe and your clothes. What do you prefer? Hang or fold

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