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How to write the perfect list

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

We can’t have more time, it is limited, but we can learn how to manage it.

You often think that can’t do everything… you dream a day of 48 hours….

Have you ever asked yourself what is the problem? The problem is the time or how you manage it?

It is incorrect to say “time management” you can’t do it, but we can manage ourself and the activities that we do during the day.

Your motivation is your priority.

To fix your priorities it is important to organise your life. The priorities change according to your motivation. For instance: you have to wash your car, but you haven’t the time… but if someone will pay you 5’000 Euro, I’m sure you will find the time 😀

First of all, there is the “essential time” (Maslow's Pyramid) , that means the essential needs (as eat, drink, rest, …) you can’t do without them, if not, you will have health’s problems. All the other activities can be manage, and, I assure you, you are able to find the time for everything (hobbies, sport,…).

The first step is to fix priorities: needs, urgencies and deadlines (*). The best way is to write a list!

To write a list is very helpful, our brain is able to learn concepts and order the thoughts. If you like you can also use different colours, it helps your memory.

If you don’t know how to start, you can write a sort of journal, where you can write all your activities and the time you need to complete them. After a week, you can read the list again, and try to improve it, I’m sure you will understand a lot of things. It is crucial to have only one list, if not you lose time.

The only exception can be the difference between your private and professional commitments, in this case you can have two, if you are not confident mixing the two aspects of your life.

There are a lot of different tools that you can use for your list: a piece of paper, outlook, the notes on your mobile or specific App (for instance RTM Remenber, The Mikl, or Smart Writing System di Moleskine o Rocketbook).

Write all your goals 📃 (medium or long term), so daily you can work on the whole goals and cancel what you has already reached.

A suggestion: it is a good idea to read your commitments the night before.

Take into account the unexpected events 😩 Traffic, someone call you ,…

You are not in a race, so take your time. It is important to arrive in time, not on time, if not, it becomes easy to be late (our mind is focused on the minimum time)

Be flexible 🤔 Your goals and priorities can change, so be ready to change your plans.

Say no and delegate 💁‍♀️ You are not the only one, so when it is possible delegate part of your commitments.

You need an initial effort, but after some time your life will be better and easier. Some of the benefits:

  • You will always know what to do,

  • You can always check your commitments,

  • You won’t waist time and energy,

  • You will live more relaxed,

  • And you will have more free time

(*) How to decide what is more important? There are a lot of useful tools to help us, for example the Eisenhower matrix

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