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Small tasks: the 2-minutes rule.

Welcome back! 🤗

If you are a reader of my blog, you already know that I like to speak about the time and how to manage it (if not, I suggest you to subscribe to my blog) for this reason today I would like to present you an easy rule to improve your productivity.

The 2-minutes rule was invented by David Allen, a manager that created the method GTD Getting Things Done. It works like this:


When I was young, I didn’t know this rule, but I always use it.

My days are always organised, so I was able to find time for my hobbies or to rest.

You can do small tasks immediately, without wasting time planning. Your memory will thank you (it is difficult to remember a long list of commitments).

For instance: do you have a call at 11.00? … and now it is 10:50? You can write a message to a friend, or you can water the plants, you can do the dishes, …

Please, find here some tasks that you do in two minutes 🖨

Benefits of the rule:

  • It helps you to stop procrastinating

  • You won’t have to think about it anymore (you don’t have to plan the task or write it down in your to-do-list)

  • even if you are tired, you can do small tasks

BUT be careful, if you apply incorrectly the rule, there are also some disadvantages:

  • The rule is the “2-minutes rule” it doesn’t work for longer commitments.

  • You can’t fill your day of small activities.

  • If you are focus on something, don’t start new tasks (even if it takes two minutes). If you apply the rule at the wrong time, you risk decreasing your productivity.

  • Don’t forget your list of priorities

So, what are you wait? I’m sure this rule will help you to stop procrastinating and become more productive.

I hope you enjoy this blog, if yes, please make sure that like button is red 🤗

Considering subscribing or following , if you haven’t already and see you soon in my next blog.

Thanks and see you soon!

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